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Engaging Seminars That Get Results


Come to a seminar with Kristan; Leave with skills you can use the next day. Learn how to overcome challenges with kids while maintaining a positive relationship. Seminars are available to aid both parents and educators. 

Seminars for Educators

  1. Are you looking for a way to be able to deal with some of your toughest students?

  2. Would you like some strategies that help your teachers build character, responsibility and self-disciple while raising standardized test scores? lowering office referrals?

  3. Would everyone’s year be easier … and less pressured if you discovered an effective set of skills and strategies that allow your teachers to teach more and discipline less?

As a former teacher with 20 years experience, Kristan knows the day-to-day challenges of a classroom. Her approach to creating positive relationships in order to reduce negative discipline interactions dovetails beautifully with the Love and Logic® philosophy. She has facilitated Love and Logic’s® “Nine Essential Skills” program to over 60 schools from parochial and private preschools, to public elementary and middle schools, to alternative high schools. To see a partial list of clients, click here.

Besides being a national speaker with the Love and Logic Institute, Kristan has presented training workshops from coast to coast at the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in New York as a faculty member, CA State University, Chico, The Community College Foundation in California, and to a variety of other school districts, community service organizations, and government agencies.

Kristan has found that regardless of the instructional or discipline models educators are using, Love and Logic’s® techniques enables educators to implement all of their other programs more effectively. Known for her engaging, enthusiastic "roll up your shirt sleeves" style, Kristan has presented on a variety of topics to schools, PTA and PTO's, colleges, and community or youth service organizations at local, regional, and national conferences and venues from coast to coast.

Seminars for Parents in school settings

If you’re an administrator, principle, counselor, or PTA leader consider sponsoring a skill building seminar for your school’s parents. Kristan’s workshops offer practical answers for day to day problems such as:

  1. How to get kids to cooperate or listen without reminders, lectures or    threats.

  2. How to discipline children in public without creating a scene.

  3. How to get kids to clean up their room or do their homework without starting World War III.

Kristan’s engaging and practical style gives parents the tools to make parenting more effective and fun.

And it gives schools a stronger bridge between home and school and even the community.

Kristan also provides seminars that give parents the tools to teach kids about responsibility with money based on the book she cowrote, “Millionaire Babies or Bankrupt Brats?”. Click here



scheduling Kristan

To schedule Kristan Leatherman for a seminar in your area  contact her at 530-879-9126 or e-mail her at

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If you want your participants to really learn the skills and strategies, not just hear about them, then Kristan is your trainer.”

Comment made by a principal who had hired Kristan

“Christian Union Academy  superintendent Ben Lewis, who arranged Union's training with Leatherman, was first introduced to the Love and Logic system last year...[and] he believes it has "the potential to create the culture we need to take our school to the next level”.

- Kim Murdock, Times Record

"I have been a teacher for 20 years.  As professional development trainings go, this program was better than most I have had to attend.  It is fun, practical, and effective.”

- Signed, An Old Teaching Pro

“This program should be mandatory for first year teachers. All the best curriculum in the world won’t work if I don’t first know how to create an environment conducive to learning!”

- Elementary Teacher, First Year Teacher


Kristan has been an instructor and speaker for many national and regional clients, including:

  1. BulletAssociation of Christian Schools International                

  2. BulletMontessori Center For Teacher Education, New York, NY

  3. Bullet CA State Department of Education, BTSA Program

  4. BulletGirl Scouts of the Sierra Cascade

To see Kristan’s list of additional local, regional and national clients, click here.

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